200+Mn Indonesian football fans to be served by Virtualness, in an exclusive Web 3 partnership with Liga

August 22, 2023
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[Jakarta, August 22, 2023]  Liga 1, Asia’s largest and most prestigious football league, renowned for its riveting matches and unwavering fan enthusiasm, is excited to unveil a groundbreaking partnership with Virtualness, a pioneering mobile-first Web3 platform. This exclusive multi-year collaboration with Virtualness marks a significant stride forward, harnessing cutting-edge technology to elevate the football fan experience and bridge the gap between traditional sports and the digital era, uniting Indonesian football enthusiasts like never before.

“Liga 1 has always remained dedicated to enhancing fan engagement and curating unforgettable moments,” stated Ferry Paulus, President Director of PT Liga Indonesia Baru. “Our collaboration with Virtualness empowers us to harness their innovative Web3 and Gen AI technology and expertise, enriching our fans’ connection with the league, by introducing an exciting  way to celebrate the essence of football.”

Team BRILiga1 and Team Virtualness at the Press Conference held in Indonesia

Team BRILiga1 and Team Virtualness at the Press Conference held in Indonesia

Under this dynamic partnership, Virtualness will offer football fans an unparalleled digital experience that transcends traditional engagement boundaries. As the exclusive provider of Web3 technology for Liga 1, Virtualness’ user-friendly, cutting-edge digital platform enables football enthusiasts to discover, explore, collect, trade, purchase, and own iconic, once-in-a-lifetime moments from Liga 1 matches. This partnership reflects Virtualness’s commitment to integrate Web3 and Gen AI technologies into fan experiences, offering an innovative and interactive channel for fans to connect with their favourite teams and players.

“This collaboration follows hot on the heels of Virtualness’s partnership with Persija, one of the most prominent football clubs in Asia. Liga 1 and Virtualness have a shared commitment for leveraging technology to build deeper connections with fans and this partnership is poised to revolutionise the fan experience”, said Kirthiga Reddy and Saurabh Doshi, Founders of Virtualness.

Saurabh Doshi, Co-founder Virtualness being interviewed by the press at the Press Conference

“With 18 teams, 304 games a season, and millions of devoted fans, Liga 1, solidifies Virtualness’s stature as a trailblazer in delivering exhilarating fan encounters. Exclusive NFT collectibles, digital goods rewards and exciting gamification are just the beginning of an electrifying experience that we have meticulously crafted for the Indonesian sports fans”, said Joyee Biswas, Head of Sports & Media, Virtualness.

Indonesian football fans can now seize a thrilling chance to own exclusive limited edition moments of Liga 1, available exclusively on Virtualness!

The collection is now live on :https://virtualness.io/profile/BriLiga1

About Liga 1:

Liga 1 is Indonesia’s premier football league, renowned for its captivating matches and passionate fanbase. As a leading force in Indonesian football,  Liga 1 brings together top-tier teams and players, delivering thrilling sporting spectacles that capture the nation’s attention. With a rich history and a commitment to fostering excellence on the field,  Liga 1 stands as a testament to the enduring love for the beautiful game in Indonesia.