Beyond the Trophy at TRYST 2024: Virtualness Reimagines Recognition

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IIT Delhi's recently concluded TRYST festival, North India's leading science, technology, and management extravaganza, successfully hosted a partnership with Virtualness that redefined how awards and recognition are perceived and awarded. The collaboration included a fireside chat with Kirthiga Reddy (Co-founder and CEO, Virtualness) and Gautam Raj Anand (Founder and CEO, Hubhopper), and a competition that used generative AI for NFT designs.

Virtualness addressed the shortcomings of traditional design tools and static awards by utilizing their platform, which is easy to use and helps more people access advanced design capabilities. The Virtualness GenAI Design Challenge wasn't just about celebrating artistic vision; the winners of the competition, Dibba Jyoti Sarkar (Winner), Shubham (2nd place), and Latika Singh (3rd place), were awarded unique winner NFTs. These on-chain awards serve as authenticated proof of achievement and unlock exclusive benefits, including tickets to the highly coveted Nas Summit 2024 in Mumbai. This innovative approach to awards provides a verifiable record of accomplishment that unlocks real-world opportunities, aligning perfectly with the emphasis on lifelong learning discussed at the event.

During the event, Kirthiga Reddy shared her thoughts: “Seeing their enthusiasm fuels my commitment to fostering opportunities and mentorship for the next generation of leaders." The event celebrated not just the artistic talent of the participants but also their leadership and creativity, echoing Gautam Raj Anand's point during the fireside chat about the importance of acquiring new skills in a fast-paced world: "Face your fears head-on in 20 seconds and never let it hold you back from learning new skills or adapting to new technologies."

A Stepping Stone to the Future

The TRYST x Virtualness partnership paints an inspiring picture for the future. It demonstrates the vast potential of generative AI in design and uses blockchain technology to ensure the authenticity of awards. This initiative has proven to be a powerful platform for showcasing student creativity and leadership, highlighting the remarkable capabilities of our future leaders.

After the event, the Organizing Committee of TRYST shared, “Our partnership with Virtualness has been an enlightening journey, revealing the seamless integration of generative AI in design and introducing us to the practical applications of blockchain technology. We experienced how blockchain can authenticate and elevate the creative works of students, providing a clear and tangible example of its potential.”

We are excited about the future possibilities of this collaboration and look forward to hosting more such events.

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