Celebrate Women Leaders and Own a Piece of History: The eWOW 2024 Global Awards are here!

February 26, 2024
12 minute read

The world needs more recognition for the incredible achievements of women leaders, and the eWOW 2024 Global Awards are here to shine a spotlight on their excellence. The award winners will be announced at the eWOW 2024 Virtual Summit on May 4, 2024.

eWOW Global Awards recognize women leaders for their exemplary achievements, leadership, and contribution in their field and impact on the community. - Because when we celebrate leaders of today, we inspire leaders of tomorrow!

But this year, there's not one but two exciting twists: First, this year eWOW Awards are more inclusive. Instead of recognizing 3 women leaders in technology, entrepreneurial excellence, and diversity and inclusion leadership categories, eWOW global awards this year will recognize Top 5 EMPOWERING Women Leaders. More reason to celebrate! And second, eWOW is partnering with Virtualness to offer an enhanced and credible experience to reimagine the way awards can be used to create community and be celebrated.

Nominate Yourself for eWOW Awards and Inspire the next generation:

It’s time for you to submit your nomination. Why wait for someone else to nominate you - it is your story and you can tell it the best! Nominations are open till March 31, 2024. Once your nomination is accepted, you will get a unique link that you can share with your network to vote for you to win the award!

Voting is simple, easy, secure, and transparent. The platform utilizes blockchain technology, ensuring every vote is counted accurately and immutably. Plus, it's an opportunity to be part of a vibrant community celebrating women's empowerment.

Own a Unique Piece of History: Introducing NFT Trophies!

For the first time ever, eWOW is offering NFT trophies with Certificate of Authenticity to past winners, nominees, and also summit speakers. These aren't just digital mementoes; they're timeless, shareable, unique, secure tokens stored on the blockchain, with a seal of ownership and credibility of the prestigious award.

Why are blockchain awards important? They offer several advantages:

  • Authenticity and Immutability: The blockchain guarantees the trophy's authenticity and eliminates the risk of duplication or loss.
  • Security and Transparency: All transactions are securely recorded on the blockchain, providing complete transparency and traceability.
  • Collectible Value: As unique digital assets, NFT trophies can hold collectible value and be traded or showcased in the metaverse.
  • Community and Connection: Owning an NFT trophy connects you to a global community of eWOW supporters and celebrates the legacy of the awards.

Own your piece of history for just $49.99! Starting today, past eWOW award winners, finalists, nominees and summit speakers can purchase their unique NFT trophies on Virtualness which can be easily shared on social media platforms e.g. LinkedIn. It's an incredible opportunity to commemorate your achievement, support the eWOW mission, and join the cutting-edge world of blockchain technology.

Don't miss out! Visit eWOW 2024 Global Awards to learn more about the nomination process. Together, let's celebrate the remarkable women leaders who are shaping our world and embrace the future.

Make your voice heard and be part of the eWOW family!

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