Who Are We?

Group 1646@2x

We believe everything which has a possibility of moving from a physical form to a digital one, will move. Consumers are spending more and more time in various digital worlds and thus the need to customize experiences, enable individual identities and fuel personalized commerce. It is going to be interesting to mimic various physical experience in digital form and in newer ways and beyond!

We Are Builders & We Love Creators!


Our founders bring deep expertise in the consumer technology field with years of experience of building, scaling, and growing global products. 

Meta, SoftBank, Silicon Graphics, Motorola
Stanford - MBA, Syracuse - Computer Engineering
Multi $100m annual revenue, $5b investment portfolio
Product management, engineering, operations
Award-winning products, 0 to 1 businesses, global scale markets & brands
Board WeWork, ex Chair Stanford Business School

Meta, Viacom, Star, Reliance, Bank of America
SPJain - MBA, Chartered Accountant
Handled emerging markets, large teams across Asia/India
Built Entertainment Experiences, Interest graph, creator products / partnerships
0 to 1 products scaled to billion users, managed & onboarded global celebrities,
Chairman Asian Academy Awards