Refund Policy

Thank you for being a trusted user of Virtualness!

At Virtualness, our goal is to provide our users and creator with impeccable service, the
highest quality tools, and of course, the best user experience. We want you to be happy with your
Virtualness experience, so we strive to make sure our refund policy reflect that.

1. Transaction failure – In the event of a failed transaction when you use your credit card /
debit card / in-app purchase / wallet, etc. where your money has been debited, our payment
systems provider will try to process the refund immediately. If the payment systems
provider is unable to process the same immediately, the same will be refunded to you in
about 10 – 15 days;

2. Transaction success but unable to deliver digital goods – When a transaction succeeds
but the digital goods delivery fails, Virtualness will process the refund in such instances in
about 10 – 15 days;

3. Operating System mandated refund policy – If a refund is mandated by the operating
system (Apple or Google), Virtualness shall process such refund as per the refund policies
of iOS or Android, as the case may be.

4. Bad actors not delivering promised goods / services: Virtualness will conduct an
investigation and remove sellers / creators from the platform if it becomes aware of any bad
actors misusing the platform. Virtualness shall refund the amounts paid by a user / buyer if
Virtualness, in its investigation, discovers any violations on the platform;

5. Misinterpretation between buyer and seller / creator: Virtualness shall not be
responsible for any misinterpretation or confusion, of whatever nature, between a creator /
seller and a buyer with respect to the offering (and any connected rewards / utilities) and no
refund shall be entertained in such events;

6. Buyer demands refund without cause / reason: Virtualness shall not entertain any
refund without cause or reason.

You will receive the credit within a certain amount of days, depending on the policy followed by
the platform / service of the mode of payment you choose. If you happen to use bank transfer
as a mode of payment, we will not be able to reverse the amount and need to initiate a separate
transaction with your bank account details. Once we have these details, we will use the best
endeavour to refund in about 10-15 days, if eligible.